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Accessories and shipping requirements for the steel-plastic composite strip
Dec 24, 2018

In the process of production, the steel-plastic composite strip is mainly made of special micro-high-strength galvanized iron wire and externally wrapped with anti-aging acid-base polyethylene resin. It is a comprehensive product of rigid materials and flexible materials. Its main force components are Steel wire, the creep variable is small.

The steel-plastic composite strip is mainly composed of a single-sided or double-sided composite ethylene-acrylic copolymer with a steel strip. The color of the product is natural and green. The copolymer has good adhesion to the steel tape base tape and forms a strong bond with low density, linear low density, medium density, high density polyethylene and halogen free polyolefin sheathing resin.


Accessories of the steel-plastic composite strip

The steel-plastic composite strip shall be accompanied by a product certificate and a quality guarantee. For the first time, the type test report of the statutory inspection part must be attached. When the product is normally supplied, the type test of the statutory inspection part of the year should be provided every two years.

Transportation of the steel-plastic composite strip

Delivered in a clean, dry environment and protected from moisture and mechanical damage.www.copolymercoatedaluminumtape.com

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