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Adhesiveness and use requirements of aluminum-plastic composite tape
Dec 13, 2018

In the process of making aluminum-plastic composite tape, it is mainly composed of aluminum strip single-sided or double-sided composite ethylene-acrylic acid copolymer. When used, its color has natural color and blue color, and to some extent, copolymer and aluminum strip The base tape has good bonding properties and forms a strong bond with low density, linear low density, medium density, high density polyethylene and halogen free polyolefin (HFPO) sheathing resins.

The aluminum-plastic composite tape will effectively form a comprehensive protective layer, which effectively provides a reliable moisture-proof, shielding and chemical protective layer to the cable core. The surface of the product should be smooth, uniform, free of impurities, wrinkles, and spots without defects. The side of the aluminum-plastic composite strip is allowed to be protected by a plastic film of 2mm to 5mm, and the sides thereof should be smooth and free of curling.

The same roll of aluminum-plastic composite tape is not allowed to have more than two joints, but it is allowed to have a welded joint. The length of the welded joint is less than 1.4km. One joint is allowed. The length of the joint is 1.4km and above. Two joints are allowed. The thickness of the joint shall not exceed 1.5 times of the original thickness. The plastic layer at the joint shall be restored, and the joint shall be marked with a mark. The distance between the joints shall be not less than 305 m.


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