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Advantages and application requirements of aluminum-plastic composite belt
Oct 10, 2018

Aluminum-plastic composite tape has shielding, low cost, short production time and good shielding effect. Therefore, the shielding method often used by many manufacturers, aluminum-plastic composite tape must be added with the guide wire during production and use. .

The aluminum-plastic composite tape is mainly used for special cables with high shielding performance, such as computer cables, signal cables, communication cables and coaxial cables. The surface of the aluminum-plastic composite tape has hot-stamped rough patterns and ribs, which are effective. The ground has improved the friction coefficient of the ribs, which can fully meet the needs of the high-resistance wall's pull-out performance.

Advantages of aluminum-plastic composite tape

Low cost

2. Using high quality raw materials and production processes

3. Excellent electrical signal insulation and shielding

4. Wide range of uses

5. Passed international quality certification

Aluminum-plastic composite belt application

In the market, the self-adhesive aluminum foil Mylar belt, also known as the heat-capacity aluminum foil Mylar belt or the self-adhesive aluminum-plastic composite belt, is composed of a single layer or two layers of aluminum foil and a layer of polyester film externally heated and melted. The hot melt layer can be completely bonded to the insulating layer or the sheath layer after heating, thereby providing a better shielding effect. As a shielding material, it is suitable for a wide range of applications such as communication cables, coaxial cables, network cables, and signal cables.http://www.copolymercoatedaluminumtape.com/

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