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Aluminium composite belt
Jun 06, 2018

The aluminum and plastic composite belt is made of soft aluminum foil and polyester film, which is composed of gravure coating. It is mainly used for the interference shielding of communication cables. It can be used for the preparation of glue and aluminum foil. The color of aluminum-plastic composite belt is usually blue and silver, and it can be made in red, green and gold according to customers' needs. It can also be printed and printed according to customers' needs.

The aluminum plastic composite belt is mainly used in computer line, household communication cable, high frequency signal line, radio frequency line, coaxial cable and so on. The surface of the aluminum composite belt should be smooth and smooth, without any impurities, no wrinkles, no spots, and other damage defects. Packaging at the minimum cutting width is 4 mm, winding maximum diameter is 800 mm, not cutting and aluminum-plastic composite belt side 2 mm to 5 mm is allowed in the plastic protection, side should be lubrication, no edge, gap, burr and other shortcomings, dislocation between the layers is not more than 5 mm; The side surface of the cut aluminum composite belt should be flat, not less than 1mm, and the end face has no roll edge, gap, burr and other mechanical damage. When pulled out, the margin should not have a noticeable wave (commonly known as the lotus leaf edge).

The main source of the electrical characteristics of the aluminum composite belt is the anti-electromagnetic interference, which is mainly wrapped in scrap aluminum foil, and can be packed in kraft paper or carton. The aluminum plastic belt should be tightly wound in the steel or equivalent pipe core, and should be avoided during storage and transportation.


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