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Aluminum foil mela belt
May 11, 2018

The use of the aluminum foil matt drawstring covers cable technology, and other electronic shielding, the purpose is to supply a good resistance to electromagnetic disturb function, signal transmission good aluminum foil tape sub sallowness package structure, containing the cable conductor, wheat noodle and aluminum surface, in any side ends of the wheat noodle with overlap of aluminum surface. Aluminum foil, pure aluminum processing and molding: all kinds of ground plate and cover materials can be supplied to punch, type, or can meet the customer demand order. At the same time, it can also cooperate with the planning shape of the customer's products, provide special folding, or specify the appearance and shape of the exposed base material, and supply the electronic product assembly and related equipment to the ground convenience.

Copper foil provides higher corrosion resistance, can be welded, and has higher conductivity than aluminum foil. Aluminum foil wheat can be used for plasma LCD TV monitor, laptop, computer and peripheral equipment, electronic products such as mobile phones, the shield wire to prevention and control of EMI conductive function significantly, conducting electrostatic, antistatic, oil resistant, good function of blocking harmful electromagnetic waves.http://www.copolymercoatedaluminumtape.com/

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