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Aluminum-plastic composite belts have specific requirements for the use environment
Nov 01, 2018

The aluminum-plastic composite tape shall be in the specified industrial pure aluminum belt during operation, and the polyethylene composite tape plastic layer shall be made of a low-density polyethylene resin conforming to the regulations. It provides shielding, moisture-proof, chemical and armored protective layers for communication cables, communication cables, etc. The main heat-resistant grades of insulating materials used in electrical equipment such as motors, electrical appliances and transformers are seven.

1. Environmental impact: Generally, in the process of operation of motors, electrical appliances and transformers, if the environment around them changes, such as temperature, humidity, electric field mechanical vibration, oxygen, etc., it will have an impact on the performance of insulating materials. . Since the insulating materials have different heat resistance grades, it is also necessary to check the surrounding environment in a targeted manner. Ensuring the extent of changes in the environment will not have a major impact on the use of insulating materials.

2. Temperature effect: According to the different heat resistance grade of the insulating material, under the extreme temperature, it should have normal operating conditions. Moreover, this does not cause large damage to various types of electrical equipment, so that its service life is not greatly affected.

3. Impact of the application site: The insulation materials used should be different for each different part of the motor. For different parts of the motor, the withstand temperature is different, so it is necessary to select the corresponding heat-resistant grade material in order to better drive the whole motor.https://www.copolymercoatedaluminumtape.com/

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