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Aluminum-plastic composite tape has high temperature control and simple operation
Feb 13, 2019

The aluminum-plastic composite tape is mainly used for various small cable wrapping, such as coaxial cable, data cable, control cable, and automobile wire, when used. The insulation shielding performance is reliable, the cutting is smooth, smooth, and the composite fastness is good.

The use of aluminum-plastic composite tape: It is used for composite of steel and plastic tape, aluminum plastic belt and copper plastic belt for cable and cable.


The aluminum-plastic composite belt is composited by hot-stacking method, and the unwinding and winding rolls are double-station, aluminum-plastic composite belt machine, and has the functions of automatic withdrawal after power-off. The machine has the characteristics of reasonable design, stable work, simple operation, high temperature control, easy cutting and tidy winding.


The color of the aluminum-plastic composite tape is usually blue and silver. It can also be made into red, green, gold, etc. according to the needs. It can also be printed and printed according to customer needs. Mainly used as anti-electromagnetic interference, usually in the case of 1-100mhz, when the shielding attenuation is about 70db, it can be achieved with single-sided aluminum foil.www.copolymercoatedaluminumtape.com

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