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Aluminum-plastic composite tape use, basic structure and advantages
Apr 19, 2018

In practical applications, aluminum-plastic composite tape products show many advantages. This makes the use of aluminum-plastic composite tape more widely, for example, it can be applied to the interference shielding of multi-conductor wire, such as electronic wire, signal line, or local area network cable.


1, on the basic structure of aluminum-plastic composite tape products: The product is actually based on the combination of film and metal as a material, usually aluminum or copper foil, and polyester film fit.


2. Introduction of characteristics and advantages of aluminum-plastic composite tapes: Based on the analysis of practical applications, this product can achieve almost 100% shielding effect (compared with wire braiding). And in the process of use, it also helps to reduce costs, increase production efficiency, and is economically viable. Not only that, it is very simple and easy to use for wire rewinding. For different use requirements, the product can also choose the desired color and cut different specifications.


3. Selection of films for aluminum-plastic composite tapes: Compared to polypropylene films, polyester films have superior high-temperature resistance. This makes the polyester substrate a popular choice in the industry for high temperature wire extrusion. The composite sheet of polypropylene film has good kneadability. Because of the lower basis weight, providing a larger use area also saves material costs.


Comparative analysis of the use of aluminum and copper foil: Comprehensive analysis, aluminum foil used in aluminum-plastic composite tape material is lighter, and the cost is lower, more economical than copper foil.http://www.copolymercoatedaluminumtape.com/

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