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Analysis of Appearance Quality and Analysis of Main Performance Parameters of Steel-plastic Composite Strip
Mar 24, 2018

Under normal circumstances, the appearance quality of steel-plastic composite tape products must meet relevant standards. First of all, the surface of the product should remain flat and smooth, with no impurities, wrinkle-free spots, and no other mechanical damage defects. Secondly, if it is an uncut steel-plastic composite tape, then its sides are allowed to have 2mm to 5mm plastic film protection, the sides should be smooth, no curl, notch, burr and other defects, the interlayer dislocation should be within 5mm.


The sides of the slit steel-plastic composite tape should remain flat and the unevenness must not exceed one millimeter. At the same time, there are no edges, gaps, burrs, and other mechanical damage on its ends. When pulled out, there should be no visible waves on the edges (commonly called flounced edges).


At present, there are many different types of steel-plastic composite tape products, one of which is widely used as a chrome-plated steel-plastic composite tape. Next, we will specifically introduce the mechanical and physical properties, environmental performance, and dielectric properties of this composite tape.


When testing the mechanical physical properties and dielectric properties of chrome-plated steel-plastic composite tape, it is necessary to ensure that it meets the relevant index requirements. First of all, the product is required for the tensile strength index of 310-390Mpa; the elongation at break should be above 15%; the peel strength between the steel strip and the plastic film should not be lower than 6.13N/cm.


Secondly, the shear strength of the steel-plastic composite belt in the heat-shrink zone should meet the following requirements: The bond between the plastic layer and the steel strip should be destroyed first, and the heat-shrink zone between the plastic layers should not produce shear damage. At the same time, its heat sealing strength is not less than 17.5N/cm.


Finally, to understand the requirements of the dielectric strength of the steel-plastic composite tape; for single-sided steel-plastic composite tape, it should not break down at the standard of 1kV d•c, 1min, and the double-sided steel-plastic composite tape should be at 2kV. d•c, no breakdown in case of 1min. 


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