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Application and performance of copper - plastic composite belt
Jun 19, 2018

Copper - plastic composite belt is composed of copper foil, polyester film and adhesive. Copper plastic composite with barley is also referred to as the copper foil, copper plastic composite belt use, will be mainly used to relatively high cable, shielding performance requirements of production and living to see it by direct application in the computer cable, signal cable, communication cable, coaxial cable for the special cable shielding performance requirements are higher.

The polyester film in the copper - plastic composite belt plays an important role in strengthening the tensile strength of copper foil. The main performance indexes of copper - plastic composite belt (copper foil mela) are:

Total thickness 0.03 mm;

Thickness of copper foil 0.015mm;

Polyester film thickness 0.012 mm;

Tensile strength is greater than 100mpa;

Elongation: greater than 10%;

Bond strength N/25mm is greater than or equal to 3.0;

Aging resistance to 68 + 2 hot water immersion for seven days no layers;

Oxidation resistance - excellent;

Next, copper plastic composite belt in actual use, it should stored in dry warehouse, should not be close to the fire, at the same time, attention should also be protected from direct sunlight, Peter said to its storage period should also be 6 months from manufacturing date, at the time of storage and transportation should avoid damp and related mechanical damage.

Compared with ordinary copper strip, copper plastic composite performance is improved obviously, but because of the effect of plastic, not form a closed shielding structure of product, in view of such, is necessarily on the shielding effect will be wanting. For the storage of this product, it is best to ensure the drying of the storage environment. As mentioned above, the performance of the product should not be affected.

Finally, about the copper plastic composite belt use is its special performance and the above said is inseparable, and copper plastic composite belt is widely used, especially for small diameter, soft cable, copper plastic composite with good use effect. It is precisely because of this that we must be sure that copper - plastic composite belt can be used when selecting copper belt products. 


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