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Application of copolymer coated copper tape
Nov 16, 2017

Any copolymer coated copper tapes are required to use the drainage line, because shielding material such as copolymer coated copper tape or copolymer coated aluminum tape  will produce induced current. This induced current will directly accumulate charge on the surface of the metal shielding layer. This accumulation of charge makes the electromagnetic field more complex in distribution. The frequency and intensity of signal current is constantly changing, and the sense voltage above metal shielding layer should also will continue to change, and the charge flow will be formed.

In view of this, the function of drainage line is to charge off, to avoid the induction of magnetic field energy field caused by the charge accumulation. In fact It is not reversible, therefore, the metal shielding layer is provided the closed field relatively perfect for data cable.

But the functions of metal shielding layer of improving the cable attenuation performance and echo loss index will be far greater than its fault, Normally, less drainage line are used in coaxial cable structures.

Finally,  the drainage line will be used on copolymer coated copper tape, is due to the coaxial cable of the magnetic field is closed, as a result, it is made the shielding layer continuous shielding effect directly to achieve the best effect to a great extent , it is very convenient in ground construction.

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