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Applications of the copper-plastic composite belt
Oct 19, 2017

【Summary】When it comes to the applications of the copper-plastic  composite belt, it will be used in cables with high shielding performance. For example, it will be used in a series of special cables, such as computer cables, signal cables, communication cables and coaxial cables which have higher requirements for shielding performance. The PET film on copper-plastic composite belt plays a role in strengthening the tensile strength of copper foil.

Of course, we will find that the cable shielding layer will also use the copper-plastic composite belt and copper foil in practical application. The copper-plastic belt is made of copper foil, PET film and adhesive.itself, the copper plastic band is polyester film and adhesive. For the copper-plastic composite belt, it will be called the Myra copper foil,


As for the use of copper-plastic composite belt, the copper-plastic belt itself will be based on soft copper foil or Myra copper foil. It can be used in electromagnetic shielding and signal shielding, which can effectively suppress the interference of the electromagnetic wave, to prevent the harm of electromagnetic wave to the human body, so as to avoid affecting the function without voltage or current.

In view of this, the copper-plastic composite belt will also be used for digital cameras, mobile phones, DVD, HVD precision electronic products, computer communications, wire, cable. When carrying out high frequency transmission, it can also isolate the interference of the electromagnetic wave. The adhesive force is very strong, and the conductivity property is also good.

Finally, when it comes to the main performance indexes of the copper-plastic composite belt, its thickness is 0.05mm, the thickness copper foil is 0.02mm, the thickness of PET film is 0.025mm. Its tensile strength is ≥ 80 N/mm2, and the elongation at break is ≥ 5%.


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