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Basic structure and use of aluminum-plastic composite tape
Jul 17, 2018

The aluminum-plastic composite tape will have a high temperature-resistant insulation capability to a certain extent, and is very safe and difficult to break through when it is used. The upper surface of the mica paper of the aluminum-plastic composite tape is bonded to the polyester film layer. The upper surface of the polyester film layer is bonded with an aluminum foil layer, the upper surface of the aluminum foil layer is bonded with an electrolytic copper foil, and the lower surface of the mica paper is bonded with a polyimide film insulating layer.


The aluminum-plastic composite tape bonds the aluminum foil layer and the electrolytic copper foil layer on the polyester film layer of the mica paper, which not only increases the waterproofness and tensile properties of the mica paper, but also increases the strength of the composite tape book, and at the same time, The aluminum foil is lighter, and the effect of the electrolytic copper foil and the aluminum foil is that it can have the advantages of each other, and finally the insulation performance of the aluminum-plastic composite tape itself is improved.


Aluminum-plastic composite tape

General purpose:

Interference shielding applied to multi-conductor wires, such as electronic wires, signal wires, or local area network cables.

basic structure:

It is mainly made of a combination of a film and a metal, and is usually bonded with a polyester film using aluminum or copper foil.



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