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Bonding temperature and process requirements of aluminum-plastic composite tape
Sep 07, 2018

The aluminum-plastic composite tape is a new type of self-adhesive composite tape during its use. Its outer composite film is made of EMAA material with excellent hot air, so it is combined with ordinary polyethylene (PE). Compared to composite tapes, they have lower initial bond temperatures and higher heat seal adhesion properties.


The use of aluminum-plastic composite tape can greatly reduce the working temperature and air flow of the heat gun in the forming process of the communication cable and the cable composite strip (the hot air gun temperature is only 80-90 ° C minimum), and even the hot air gun can be used. The temperature of the extruder head itself can achieve a good bond of the longitudinal overlap of the composite belt, which makes the longitudinal packaging process of the cable production more simplified and convenient, and also greatly improves the product quality.


Aluminum-plastic composite tape is mainly used in computer lines, communication cables, high-frequency signal lines, RF lines, coaxial cables, etc. Mainly used as anti-electromagnetic interference, usually in the case of 1-100MHZ, when the shielding attenuation is about 70dB, it can be achieved with aluminum foil Mylar.https://www.copolymercoatedaluminumtape.com/

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