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Briefly introduce the use and characteristics of copper-plastic composite tape
Apr 03, 2018

Copper-plastic composite tape consists of copper foil, polyester film and adhesive. And it will be called copper foil Melaleon. It is mainly used for cables with high shielding performance requirements, such as computer cables, signal cables, communication cables, and coaxial cables. High performance shielding special cables. Polyester film plays a role in enhancing the tensile strength of the copper foil.


Copper plastic composite tape features:


The high-quality copper-plastic composite tape has low surface oxygen properties and can adhere to a variety of different substrates, including metals, insulating materials, etc., and has a wide temperature range of use. As mentioned above, the copper-plastic composite tape is mainly used for electromagnetic shielding and antistatic. The conductive copper-plastic composite tape is placed on the substrate surface and combined with the metal substrate to have excellent conduction properties and provide electromagnetic shielding effect.


About copper-plastic composite tape can be divided into self-adhesive copper foil, double-conductor copper foil, single-conductor copper foil and so on. Electronic grade copper-plastic composite tape (purity above 99.7%, thickness 5um-105um) is one of the basic materials for the electronics industry. The electronic information industry is developing rapidly, and the use of electronic-grade copper-plastic composite tape is increasing.


Copper plastic composite tape use:


Copper-plastic composite tape is widely used in industrial calculators, communications equipment, QA equipment, lithium-ion batteries, civilian televisions, video recorders, CD players, copiers, telephones, heating and air conditioning, automotive electronic components, game consoles and so on. The demand for electronic-grade copper-plastic composite tapes, especially high-performance electronic-grade copper-plastic composite tapes, is increasing at home and abroad.


Finally, on the copper-plastic composite tape, according to the analysis of the internal structure of the crystal, we can further guarantee the bending performance and processing performance of the rolled copper-plastic, and there is the requirement for surface treatment, surface roughness, and the internal grain and In terms of its composition, the larger crystal grains are beneficial to the superiority of the flexibility, the grain size increases, the grain boundary decreases, and the dislocations and the crack generation and expansion caused by the grain boundary during flexure are reduced, and the crystal grains are simultaneously crystallized. As the pellets increase, the strength decreases, which facilitates pressure processing and reduces corrosion.http://www.copolymercoatedaluminumtape.com/

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