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Cable production materials
May 29, 2018

The materials used as : copper, tinned copper, nickel plated copper, silver plated copper. In general , A conductor is made up of several pieces of fine copper wire. A few cases is just one piece of copper. These copper wires are also twisted between each other.


The material is mainly aluminum polyester tape、PT oil tape and so on.In general, The package has the effect of preventing the core from loosening and shielding the outside signals. The way of

Packing includes oblique packing、rolled up packing and Vertical packing.


PVC plastic particles: PVC plastic particles are based on Polyvinyl chloride resin and add lots of additives ( such as Antioxidant, brightener, flame retardant, antioxidant) mixed together,Is one of the necessary raw materials for wire and cable. It has excellent mechanical properties, chemical resistance, good weather resistance, good insulation properties, easy processing and so on.


PE plastic particles: PE plastic particles are made from refined ethylene. It has excellent insulation resistance, withstand voltage strength, wear resistance, heat aging resistance, low temperature performance, chemical resistance, water resistance. It makes blue polyester film by two-way stretch, The advantage is  color uniformity, apparent light, good thermal stability and strength.http://www.copolymercoatedaluminumtape.com/

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