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Characteristics, advantages and uses of aluminum-plastic composite tape
Nov 08, 2018

General use of aluminum-plastic composite tape

Interference shielding applied to multi-conductor wires, such as electronic wires, signal wires, or local area network cables.

Basic structure of aluminum-plastic composite tape

It is mainly made of a combination of a film and a metal, and is usually bonded with a polyester film using aluminum or copper foil.


Characteristics and advantages of aluminum-plastic composite belt

1. Nearly 100% shielding effect (compared to wire weaving).

2. Reduce costs, improve production efficiency, and meet economic benefits.

3. It is very convenient for wire winding and easy to use.

4. Can be provided with different colors and cut widths according to customer requirements.

Aluminum-plastic composite film selection

1. Polyester film is more resistant to high temperature than polypropylene film, making polyester substrate a popular choice in the industry for high temperature extrusion.

2. The composite material of the polypropylene film is better in flexibility. Because of the lower basis weight, it provides a larger area of use and also saves material costs.


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