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Comparison of mechanical properties between copolymer coated steel tape and copolymer coated aluminum tape
Oct 16, 2017

Many friends don’t have a very clear understanding between copolymer coated steel tape and copolymer coated aluminum tape, in fact, there are obvious differences. I hope to help you to identify the pros and cons of these two tapes quickly.

First of all, we need to make clear that there are three major parameters that determining their mechanical properties. That is to say, we need to analyze separately from tensile strength, non proportional elongation and elongation at break.

Under normal circumstances, the three parameters are mainly determined by the performance of the bare tape itself. Generally speaking, the maximum tensile strength of steel tape can reach 376.07Mpa, and the maximum non proportional extension strength can reach 351.12Mpa.


In addition, the maximum elongation at break of copolymer coated steel tape can reach at 29.82%. However, the disadvantage which the minimum tensile strength is only 343.15 Mpa, and the minimum elongation at break is only 17.52%.

And from the relevant data survey, we found that the measured data is very different between many manufacturers. This means that their bare tape performance is very unstable and discrete. The same situation in production of copolymer coated aluminum tape, but there are also many manufacture which show stable performances in copolymer coated aluminum tape and copolymer coated steel tape, Our company can produce stable performance of these two tapes, Therefore, users should pay attention to this problem when choosing it.


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