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Copolymer coated copper tape
Jul 28, 2017

The copolymer coated copper tape is made up of copper foil, copolymer film. it is used for cable shielding function such as special cable, computer cable, signal cable, communication cable, coaxial cable as shielding function. Copolymer film has good fuction in strengthening the tensile strength of copper foil.

Copper Mylar (copper copolymer coated tape) description: soft copper foil, copper foil Mylar substrate, other metal containing particles of coating and pressure sensitive adhesive, first used in electromagnetic shielding, signal shielding, can effectively restrain electromagnetic interference, to prevent damage to the electromagnetic waves on the human body, prevent voltage or current without the need the influence function. Suitable for digital cameras, mobile phones, DVD, HVD, electronic products, computers, communications, wires, cables, high-frequency transmission, blocking electromagnetic interference. Strong posting, conductive function, outstanding function. With high strength, high bending, ductility, good conductivity, good heat dissipation and better surface gloss, it has become an irreplaceable raw material for some products.

Copper Mylar (copper copolymer coated tape) should be stored in a dry warehouse, should not be near the fire source, protected from direct sunlight, and should avoid dampness and mechanical damage during storage and transportation. With the attention to packaging wooden packaging, at the same time to prevent the surface scratches, each volume of paper wrapped outside the pearl wool.


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