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Copper plastic composite belt
Jun 11, 2018

The cable shield is made of copper foil, copper foil, copper plastic band: copper foil, polyester film, adhesive. Copper plastic composite belt, also known as wheat, copper foil, this goods first used in the cable of high shielding function request, such as computer cable, signal cable, communication cable, coaxial cable, such as the special cable shielding function request is higher. The polyester film enhances the tensile strength of copper foil.

Copper foil sallowness composite plastic band (copper) goods related instructions: with soft copper foil, wheat based on the material of copper foil, other coated with pressure sensitive adhesive metal particles, first used in electromagnetic shielding, signal shielding, can effectively to contain the electromagnetic wave that trouble, prevent electromagnetic wave to human body damage, prevent don't need to affect the function of voltage or current. Adapted to digital camera, mobile phone, DVD, HVD fine electronic goods, computer communication, wire, cable, high frequency transmission, blocking electromagnetic interference. Strong Posting and excellent conduction function. It has high strength, high bending, ductility, good conductivity, good heat dissipation, better surface gloss, etc.

The copper plastic composite belt should be stored in a dry warehouse, and should not be close to the fire source to avoid direct sunlight. It should avoid moisture and mechanical damage during storage and transportation. When packing, use wooden cases for packing. Meanwhile, to prevent scratches on the surface, each roll is enclosed with a pearl paper.http://www.copolymercoatedaluminumtape.com/

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