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Copper-plastic composite belt development prospects: green, high-performance, high-functional
Dec 27, 2017

Speaking of the development prospects of copper-plastic composite belt, more obvious, which means it has the green trends and characteristics, on this, is to meet our country's sustainable development and environmental protection under the premise. In detail, copper-plastic composite tape from production to the time of use, that is played on the premise of saving energy and resources, its emissions will be less on the waste, the environment is also very small pollution, but also Can be recycled.


Furthermore, the high performance in the development of copper-plastic composite tapes is based on the ability to further increase the high temperature resistance and wear resistance, as well as their mechanical strength such as resistance to aging and corrosion resistance, In terms of terms, it has a very important role in the fields of aviation, aerospace, electronic information technology and its automotive industry and home appliances.


Then, with regard to the main purpose of the development of high performance copper-plastic composite tape, that is to create new polymers, and by changing the catalyst and catalytic system, synthesis and copolymerization, the total Mixing and crosslinking polymer modified by new processing methods to change the polymer aggregation state structure, through the micro-composite method, the copper-plastic composite tape used in the modification of polymer materials.


Next, it will be said that the development of copper-plastic composite belt with high functional characteristics, which means for the copper-plastic composite materials among the functional polymer materials, has belonged to the most dynamic new field of materials, and in addition to copper Plastic composite materials, the current research out of a variety of new features of polymer materials are more.


That is to say, these materials, including copper-plastic composites, are not only thermally conductive polymers like metals but also can absorb superabsorbent water thousands of times their weight when actually used Resin, in the end, is able to be used as artificial intelligence polymer materials and so on. And these, that is, more functional polymer materials and copper-plastic composite tape product development prospects in a trend.http://www.copolymercoatedaluminumtape.com/

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