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Copper-plastic composite belt in the development of high-performance, high-functional
Jan 17, 2018

Speaking of the high functionalization in the development of copper-plastic composite tapes, copper-plastic composite tapes, as functional polymer materials, are among the most dynamic new areas in the field of materials and, to date, a variety of For example, a polymer like a metal, which is a polymer that is conductive and conductive, that is, a super absorbent polymer that can absorb thousands of times its own weight, and is also used as a medical polymer for artificial organs Materials and so on.


In view of the above development, including copper-plastic composite tape, including polymer materials, and its polymer absorbent material, there is the photoresist material, of course, there are polymer separation membrane, polymer catalysts and other materials Is the research direction of functional polymers. At the same time, the development and utilization of these materials are also closely related to the development prospects of the copper-plastic composite belt.


Copper-plastic composite belt in the development of high performance. To further improve the high temperature resistance of copper-plastic composite belt and its wear resistance, next, that is, copper-plastic composite belt with anti-aging, corrosion resistance and high mechanical strength, including copper-plastic composite belt The development of polymer materials is an important direction, which in aerospace, aerospace, electronic information technology and its automotive industry and household appliances which also will have a very important role.


Including copper-plastic composite tape, including the development of high-performance polymer materials, the main trend is that there will be the creation of new polymers, by changing the catalyst and catalytic system, synthesis and copolymerization, blending and crosslinking Polymer modification.


These are the above, and the future development of copper-plastic composite belt will have a great relationship. Specifically, it refers to the new processing method to change the aggregate state of the polymer structure, through a series of microscopic composite method, that is, polymer materials can be modified. In fact, the development prospect of copper-plastic composite tapes is related to improving the quality of human life and meeting the needs of various industries and new technologies.http://www.copolymercoatedaluminumtape.com

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