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Copper plastic composite belt use
Jun 15, 2018

Said to copper plastic composite belt use, first of all, we also is to actually pay attention to on its own, that is, will directly improve it in the flow at the same time, it is can guarantee the cable have certain waterproof performance, and even more people believe that the latter is more important, in general, for this kind of structure, it is will mostly in the form of longitudinal package, so that can get the above two kinds of effect.

Next, we should pay attention to the fact that the copper and plastic composite belt is a simple shielding structure (mainly in the form of wrapping), it is not impossible to apply. And just when we use copper plastic composite belt, belt copper's section is smaller, for the short circuit current of the cable transmission is also will have a big impact, and on the current transmission direction of copper strip actually is the method of change will happen.

For copper plastic composite belt can be used in the relatively small diameter or is the requirement of soft cable, practical for use, which is to join a small section of the leak of line to compensate for the current for the transfer. It is not particularly ideal to wrap around the small outer diameter and the soft cable.

Is, of course, copper belt for use in the actual plastic composite, and the thickness of copper foil of the volume of equipment, it to a great extent, that is, to pay attention to should be less than the thickness of the copper strip, it is because of this, it will to a large extent also is actually need to use a plastic layer to increase the strength, convenient we carry on the processing, at the same time, also is able to reduce the cost.

Finally, copper belt in the use of plastic composite, and the plastic layer on the heated situation is also will appear the phenomenon of melt up, hindered the aperture, as a result, on its own is the waterproof effect. However, in terms of its summary, the copper plastic composite belt will be used on the cable when it is used, and different shielding forms should be adopted according to different occasions.http://www.copolymercoatedaluminumtape.com/

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