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Copper - plastic composite belt use, storage and shielding structure
Jun 26, 2018

Said to copper plastic composite belt use, in addition to computer cable, signal cable, communication cable, coaxial cable and a series of high performance requirements for shielding the special cable, in detail, and will be used for SFP, QSFP, electromagnetic wave shielding EMI, core protection, outer conductor, life would be used for production is more common among the RF low loss RF coaxial, Japanese automotive wiring harness, APPLE headphones line, audio line, foil winding transformer, the belt type radiator and so on.

Copper composite plastic band during storage, should be in dry warehouse, should not be close to the fire, avoid direct sunlight, in the storage, its storage period is from the manufacture date for 6 months, during storage and transportation, should directly to avoid moisture or mechanical damage.

Several kinds of shielding structures commonly used in copper - plastic composite belt.

Aluminum foil shielding is used to refer to the time when the cable is twisted, or when it is done, it must be put into a layer of aluminum foil. Braided shielding is the shielding of non-directional, high frequency shielding characteristics, which is suitable for high frequency shielding. The shielding effect can reach 100% through multi-layer shielding and no change in the shielding characteristics when bending.

Copper composite plastic band of copper tape screened, similar to the aluminum foil, but thicker on its thickness, for the semiconductor plastic block, the less used, but no dead Angle, when block production speed is faster.

After speaking to copper plastic composite with purpose, to pay attention to the copper in bands of plastic composite is a kind of adhesive by synthesis and ReTie synthesis of three layer or composite copper plastic band on the second floor, it described three layers of cellulose synthesis copper composite plastic band is between copper foil and plastic film layer with adhesive layer, can reduce the cable production process of the program, at the same time, such as at the beginning, will be used for higher requirements on the shielding performance of cable production use.http://www.copolymercoatedaluminumtape.com/

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