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Copper plastic composite tape application
Mar 09, 2018

Speaking of the use of copper-plastic composite tapes, different shielding forms are used depending on the occasion. Copper-plastic composite tape can increase the flow rate to the user, which means that the cable used to ensure the use of copper-plastic composite tape will inevitably have a certain waterproof performance. Personally think that the latter may be more important, in general, this structure itself Longitudinal packages will be used, so that copper-plastic composite tape can be used for both purposes.


When the copper-plastic composite tape is actually used and processed, because the thickness of the copper foil is smaller than the thickness of the copper tape, a layer of plastic layer is also needed to increase the strength at this time, which is convenient for us to process, and at the same time it can reduce cost. In addition, the plastic layer appears to be inflated when it is heated, which hinders the crevices, and this time can also play a role in waterproofing.


Relationship copper-plastic composite tape use and its plastic layers, because of the role of plastic, not only can form a closed shielding structure, while the existence of this difference in the shielding effect The copper plastic composite with different use purposes, we chose a different material To enhance its strength.


Briefly, plastic composite tape comes to use copper, the copper can also be used with plastic composite on the outside diameter is small or flexible cables above requirements, when actually used, there would be added to a small section of the line leak To make up for its current transmission. Unlike copper-plastic composite tapes, copper tapes will be used on some small outside diameters and their soft cables, and the appearance of the package will be very unsatisfactory.


Copper-plastic composite tape when actually used, it is to be noted that the shield structure is concerned simply do Yong (mainly wrapping form), copper-plastic composite tape can not be used, first, the cross section of such a copper tape will will be relatively small, for the transmission cable short-circuit current influence, and secondly because this tape with a plastic film during extrusion of the outer sheath, and the sheath adhesive film tends, over-current transfer of copper tape The direction of change occurs, so that manufacturers save costs.http://www.copolymercoatedaluminumtape.com/

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