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Copper-plastic composite tape use
Mar 23, 2018

Because of the role of plastics, the use of copper-plastic composite tapes is affected by the fact that they cannot form a closed shielding structure, and there are differences in shielding effectiveness. In detail, copper-plastic composite tape cannot be used for purely shielding structures (mainly in the form of wrapping).


The reason why the use of copper-plastic composite tape is not mentioned above is because the cross-section of this tape copper is definitely small, and there is an impact on the short-circuit current of the cable during transmission. Since the tape is provided with a plastic film, the film is easily adhered to the sheath when the outer sheath is extruded, and at the same time, the direction of current transmission in the copper tape changes. However, if the user does not request this time, such a band is a good thing for the manufacturer, which can save a great deal of cost!


When the copper-plastic composite tape is used, it should be noted that the thickness of the copper foil in the copper-plastic composite tape is smaller than the thickness of the copper tape. Therefore, it is necessary to increase the strength with a layer of plastic to facilitate our processing while reducing costs. Next, pay attention to this plastic layer will be heated up in the case of melting, blocking coagulation gap, this time will also play a role in waterproofing.


Copper-plastic composite tape as the role of the drainage line, in fact, because the copper-plastic composite tape, aluminum-plastic composite tape and other shielding materials itself will produce an induced current. Such induced currents accumulate charge on the surface of the metal shield. This charge accumulation can make the electromagnetic field distribution more complicated.


The signal current frequency and intensity are constantly changing, so the induced voltage on the metal shield is constantly changing. After the voltage changes, it will inevitably form a charge flow. The copper-plastic composite tape is used as a drainage line to guide these charges away in time to avoid electric field concentration due to charge accumulation. This use of copper-plastic composite tape will make the shield continuous shielding effect is best, and it is also more convenient for grounding construction.http://www.copolymercoatedaluminumtape.com/

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