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Copper plastic composite tape use
Apr 25, 2018

Copper-plastic composite tape is mainly used for electromagnetic shielding and signal shielding. It can effectively suppress electromagnetic interference, prevent electromagnetic waves from harming the human body, and avoid unwanted voltage or current and affect function. Because it is made of soft copper foil and Mylar copper foil as a substrate, it is made of a pressure sensitive adhesive containing metal particles. When it is actually used, we will also call it a copper foil Myra.


The use of copper-plastic composite tape: In production and life, it will adapt to digital cameras, mobile phones, DVD, HVD precision electronic products, computer communications, wires, cables, high frequency transmission, can achieve isolated electromagnetic interference. Stronger adhesive force and better electrical conductivity.


The use of copper-plastic composite tape refers to copper foil, copper-plastic tape, copper foil, polyester film, and adhesive, which can be used in the cable shield layer. However, copper-plastic composite tapes are generally used for cables with relatively high shielding performance requirements. Commonly, they are included in computer cables, signal cables, communication cables, and coaxial cables. Special cable. The polyester film plays a role in strengthening the tensile strength of the copper-plastic composite tape.


The main performance index of copper-plastic composite tape products, first of all, is to pay attention to its thickness is also referred to as mm 0.05, then the thickness of this copper foil is also in the mm 0.02; this polyester film thickness mm 0.025; tensile strength N / Mm2 ≥80; elongation at break% ≥5; bond strength N/25mm ≥3.0; aging resistance 68±2°C hot water immersion for seven days without delamination; good oxidation resistance.


To ensure the integrity of the copper-plastic composite tape, special attention must be paid to its use during storage: it should be noted that it should be stored in a dry warehouse and should not be near the fire source. Afterwards, the copper-plastic composite tape is When used, avoid direct sunlight. The storage period should be 6 months from the date of manufacture. During storage and transportation, damage during wet and mechanical conditions should be avoided.http://www.copolymercoatedaluminumtape.com/

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