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Copper-plastic composite with the use of knowledge
Jan 12, 2018

The first point: Which of the control cable copper shield can be replaced with copper-plastic composite shield alternative?


According to the relevant provisions of the standard should not be possible, but with one exception, since there are aluminum-plastic composite structure, it is certain that there will be copper-plastic composite structure, in this regard, which means that our copper layer thickness In line with the provisions of the standard 0.05 ~ 0.10mm, as the plastic layer of the standard which should not be allowed, the thickness of the plastic layer can not be counted above the copper layer, or it should not meet the standards.


For the shield should be screened from the final effect (such as shielding inhibition factor) to be assessed, rather than simply specify the shielding material is also in doubt. In this regard, that is, it should be to pay attention to the need to use copper-plastic composite with the direct replacement of words, that is, it should be in the control cable plus root drainage line should go to the copper-plastic composite tape to achieve the shielding effect.


The second point: copper-plastic composite belt uses and its related materials towards the intelligent direction.


The production of copper-plastic composite with the intelligent polymer material, which is a major issue challenging, at the same time, can be considered copper-plastic composite belt use. However, in fact, we must pay attention to that the smart material also means that the material itself possesses the advanced intelligence that a living creature possesses. The more common ones include predictive performance, self-diagnosis, self-repair, self-identification ability, etc. Relevant characteristics, for environmental changes that is able to make the desired answer.


Furthermore,the intellectualization of the materials used in copper-plastic composite tapes and their related products means that the microcapsule material that can release and control the pharmaceutical agent according to the state of the human body, grows according to the living body, or is healed , Continue to grow or is decomposed vascular prosthesis and other related medical materials. This is actually a product of the integration of multiple technologies.http://www.copolymercoatedaluminumtape.com/

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