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Copper Polyester Foil Processing Protection Requirements
May 08, 2018

In the production process of copper polyester foil products, corresponding protective measures are also required. That is to say, during the processing and production process, precautions should be taken to prevent oxidation and corrosion, surface degreasing, pickling, and preparation of rolling oil and emulsion during copper polyester foil rolling, and during heat treatment. Sex protection and so on.


This is because for a copper polyester foil, its change in thickness is not only equivalent to the change in its length and width, but it may also affect its surface area sales. Therefore, after increasing the thickness, its surface area will also increase, making it more in contact with the outside world until after the passivation process.


In addition, important technical parameters of copper polyester foil in electronic information technology must also be considered. This is because its surface roughness and subsequent coating roughening also affect its surface quality. It is also particularly important with respect to its thin thickness at the same depth of oxidative corrosion of the surface. If not handled properly, or if there is a certain problem in the process, it may cause the product's overall size to be small.


Thicker copper polyester foil products may suffer from localized dimensional deviations. Therefore, we must take this into consideration in production and processing, strictly control the production process and ensure the quality of the product.


During the processing, the thickness of the copper polyester foil can be determined according to actual requirements for production. The number of product meters can be rewound according to customer requirements. The hot melt adhesive products are mainly used for interference shielding of multi-conductor control wires, such as signal cables, coaxial cables, and cable TV cables.


Copper polyester foil products are widely used in the electronics field and can be used in different products. According to the analysis of the current applications and developments, the demand for copper polyester foil products will further increase in the future.http://www.copolymercoatedaluminumtape.com/

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