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Copper polyester foil product performance and application are introduced
Jun 09, 2018

Polyester, for the moment, copper foil products include different color, the user can choose according to oneself circumstance. At present the main applications of the products for precision electronic products, computer communications, wire and cable, etc. Copper polyester foil products applicable to difficult insulator to fixed conductive and precision electronic products, computer communications, for example, wires, cables and other high frequency transmission cover or is to isolate electromagnetic interference or radio waves.

Combining with practical application to the analysis, copper polyester foil products can be divided into two main categories, respectively for the copper foil and copper foil tape pull tape. Usually in the packaging of the product, with 24 shaft packing, vacuum cover fixed, sealed vacuum or inert gas injection, and should be placed in the shade, room temperature is not more than 25 degrees, not exposure.

Usually preserved in such condition, the copper polyester foil products for a period of eight months. From the outside, the product appears as golden, uniform color, tasteless. Can be used in digital cameras, mobile phones, DVD, HVD precision electronic products.

Due to the nature of material on itself, copper polyester foil product has excellent characteristics of other similar products do not have, use performance is good, especially the rapid progress in the field of electronics. Current electronic grade copper foil, that is, the purity over 99.7%, 5 um to 105 um thick copper foil has become one of the basic materials of the electronics industry. And with the rapid development of domestic electronic information industry, the demand of electronic grade copper foil is also rising.

At the same time, domestic and foreign market demand for high quality polyester copper foil products is increasing. And according to the present development situation to analyze, copper polyester foil products market in the future will rely on its excellent performance and is widely favored.http://www.copolymercoatedaluminumtape.com/

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