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Effect of Compound Technology and Mechanical Processing on the Use of Aluminum-Plastic Composite Tape
May 09, 2018

In the production of products such as aluminum-plastic composite tapes, there are often many processing steps. Among them, in the process of conformity, the adhesive properties of the aluminum-plastic composite tape applications will be directly affected. We know that aluminum-plastic composite tape is composed of a metal layer and a copolymer film on one or both surfaces. The main technical indicator to measure the composite process is the bondability of the composite tape.


In general, the adhesive properties of aluminum-plastic composite tapes mainly include three aspects: one is the bonding property between the metal base tape and the film, the second is the adhesive property between the composite tapes, and the third is the composite tape and sheathing material. Bonding properties. In other words, to obtain excellent adhesive properties, one depends on the material, and the other is on the process. As far as the process is concerned, casting composite methods, hot-bonding composite methods, etc. are commonly used in the production of aluminum-plastic composite tapes.


In other words, with the continuous progress of process technology, at present, in the production of aluminum-plastic composite tape products, under normal circumstances, as long as the composite tape manufacturers in the production process, through the quality of raw materials to check, coupled with strict process control, It will be able to produce qualified products for aluminum-plastic composite tapes to meet the requirements for the production of optical cables.


In addition, when processing aluminum-plastic composite tape products, it must also be subjected to slitting processing as required to achieve the desired width dimension. The quality of the slitting quality of aluminum-plastic composite tape products will directly affect the later production quality of fiber optic cables. Under normal circumstances, the aluminum-plastic composite tape should be kept free of any marks, no flounces, and flat edges after slitting, and there are no other unusual problems.


Moreover, aluminum-plastic composite tape products should be kept straight when they are released. The main purpose of this requirement is to ensure easier molding of the aluminum-plastic composite tape. In addition, all high-quality aluminum-plastic composite tape products have good lap joints, are not easy to curl up, and have adhesive properties that meet the requirements for use, and the integrated protective layer has good tidal effects.http://www.copolymercoatedaluminumtape.com/

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