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Effect of dynamic friction coefficient on the performance of copolymer coated aluminun tape
Dec 15, 2017

Combine with the actual application to cpmpare, smooth copolymer coated aluminun tape compared with ordinary copolymer coated aluminun tape, there are obvious differences in the resistance after longitudinal winding various molds., the resistance difference between them can reach 26.6% to 55.5%. When we test the dynamic friction coefficient of copolymer coated aluminun tape, we found that the former friction coefficient was between 0.3 and 0.4, while the latter was as high as 0.6.

This shows, for copolymer coated aluminum tape, the effect of the surface friction coefficient for optical cable production process can not be ignored. And the mechanical strength of copolymer coated aluminum tape is smaller, therefore the capacity of anti-tension, anti-deformation is much smaller. Therefore, for practical applications, not only to consider the process adjustment problems, troubles and other human factors, but also take into account the effect of dynamic friction coefficient on the use of copolymer coated aluminum tape.

Because of this factor is also often lead to the tape breaking of copolymer coated aluminum tape. If the friction coefficient of the tape surface is small, the deformation of copolymer coated aluminum tape is small and it can be easily shaped when the optical fiber cable is manufactured. So, the copolymer coated aluminum tape is not easy to be broken, it solves the problem of tape breaking. In addition, in the case of good technology, it can significantly improve the production speed, that is to improve working efficiency.

More importantly, this can also effectively improve the quality of optical cables, and the deformation of the copolymer coated aluminum tape is small, so the mechanical properties of comprehensive protective layer for copolymer coated aluminum tape is good, it is good for guarantee the service life of optical cable.

The single-disc copolymer coated aluminum tape can effectively reduce the continuation of the optical cable while reducing the risk of tape breaking, it can  increase the production efficiency.http://www.copolymercoatedaluminumtape.com/

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