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Effect of Processing Temperature on the Use of Aluminum - plastic Composite Belt
Jan 13, 2018

In actual processing, the quality and performance characteristics of the aluminum-plastic composite tape applications will be affected by several conditions. Especially in the extrusion compound processing, the more important of which is the compound temperature, extrusion compound speed, air gap length and cooling roller temperature. These factors will directly affect the performance of raw materials, as well as the bonding effect of aluminum-plastic composite tape.


Of course, these factors will eventually have a different impact on the use of aluminum-plastic composite tape. Next, we mainly analyze the impact of processing temperature. Under normal circumstances, the processing temperature directly affects the aluminum-plastic composite tape bonding effect. In fact, the determination of temperature has always been a very important issue for the processing of EMAA resin coated aluminum tape.


Combined with production experience to analyze, when the processing temperature is gradually increased, the use of aluminum-plastic composite tape peel strength and heat seal strength will be increased. However, when a certain temperature conditions, the peel strength will begin to decline. The reason why this happens, mainly because as the temperature rises, the viscosity of the resin will be reduced.


In this way, the physical wetting ability of the aluminum-plastic composite tape substrate will be enhanced, and in the air gap section, the molten resin will oxidize with the oxygen in the air and produce certain polar groups. So at this time the use of aluminum-plastic composite tape and heat sealing properties will be improved.


It should be noted that, if the temperature continues to rise, then it will bring some negative impact. Considering the influence of processing temperature on the performance of the aluminum-plastic composite tape, in order to ensure the quality of the aluminum-plastic composite tape, it is advisable to control the processing temperature between 300 and 305 degrees.http://www.copolymercoatedaluminumtape.com/

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