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Filled copper-plastic composite tape uses and conditions of use
Jan 20, 2018

Filled with copper-plastic composite use, ordinary filling is actually in order to make the cable round, improve the roundness of the cable, the cable inside the general provisions of the cable roundness must be less than 10 percent. If the use of flame retardant copper-plastic composite tape filling, in addition to the above, it is bound to have the role of flame retardant! High-temperature filling is similar.


Filled copper-plastic composite tape uses more, the actual selection should also pay attention. Because the market above the current use of inferior filling rope more for the back to produce material, black, impurities, not flexible, prone to breakage, even if cheaper, but used in the cable is bound to have some security risks. Therefore, the choice of our products, high strength, weight is also very light, round cable filling advantages, the actual effect is better.


Copper-plastic composite tape conditions of use: Because the thickness of the copper-plastic composite tape which is bound to be less than the thickness of copper, in view of this, we actually need to use a plastic layer to increase the intensity, to facilitate our processing, and At the same time, that is, can reduce costs. Plastic layer on the copper-plastic composite tape in the case of heat appear to melt up, blocking the gap, can play a role in waterproofing.


Copper-plastic composite tape in use, due to the role of plastic, will not form a closed shielding structure, there are differences in the shielding effect, and depending on the use of copper-plastic composite tape with a different choice of different production methods and different structures .


Finally, when it comes to the use of copper-plastic composite tape, if it is simply used as a shielding structure (mainly refers to the form of the package), the copper-plastic composite tape is bound to be unusable, because the cross-section of the copper tape is relatively small, Cable short-circuit current transmission will have an impact. Furthermore, copper-plastic composite tapes are used because of changes in the current transfer direction through the copper tape. The actual use of the time, cost savings.http://www.copolymercoatedaluminumtape.com/

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