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Heat sealing tape
May 12, 2017

Heat sealing tape is the use of special equipment (hot air seam sealing machine or high frequency heat sealing machine) heating, suture in raincoats, tents, airbags and other waterproof, anti-gas products, knitting bone pinhole, to seal (leak , Air leakage) effect of a tape.

We all know that clothing in the production process will appear needle eye, of course, waterproof series is no exception. How to ensure that these eye drops do not leak, so seemingly simple question also confused us for thousands of years, because the ordinary tape with water is not sticky.

In the 20th century, only a very small number of countries in the world, the material is very expensive, only in the United States, the Soviet Union and other military countries have developed more developed, and its use only in aerospace science and technology. Is technically confidential to other countries.

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