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High temperature insulation capacity and safety performance of aluminum-plastic composite tape
Mar 06, 2019

In the process of operation, the aluminum-plastic composite strip shall be made of the specified industrial pure aluminum strip, and the polyethylene-type composite strip plastic layer shall be made of the low-density polyethylene resin conforming to the regulations. Provide shielding, moisture, chemical and armor protection layers for communication cables, communication cables, etc.

The aluminum-plastic composite tape is mainly made of aluminum strip single-sided or double-sided composite ethylene-acrylic acid copolymer (EAA), and the color has natural color and blue color. The copolymer has good adhesion to the aluminum tape base tape and forms a strong bond with low density, linear low density, medium density, high density polyethylene and halogen free polyolefin (HFPO) sheath resin. Forms a comprehensive sheath that provides a reliable moisture, shielding and chemical barrier to the core.

The aluminum-plastic composite tape has high high-temperature insulation capability, and is very safe in use and is less prone to breakdown and short circuit. The aluminum-plastic composite tape adopts a new type of mica paper, the upper surface of the mica paper is bonded with a polyester film layer, the upper surface of the polyester film layer is bonded with an aluminum foil layer, and the upper surface of the aluminum foil layer is bonded with an electrolytic copper foil, and the lower surface of the mica paper Adhesive polyimide film insulation layer.

The surface of the aluminum-plastic composite tape is plated with an inert conductive metal. The utility model not only increases the waterproof and tensile properties of the mica paper by bonding the aluminum foil layer and the electrolytic copper foil layer on the polyester film layer of the mica paper, but also increases the strength of the composite tape book; at the same time, the aluminum foil Lighter, the effect of the combination of electrolytic copper foil and aluminum foil is that it can combine the advantages of each other, and ultimately the insulation performance of the aluminum-plastic composite tape itself is improved.www.copolymercoatedaluminumtape.com

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