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Hot melt self-adhesive aluminum foil mela belt
May 14, 2018

The hot melt self-adhesive aluminum foil is used to eliminate EMI and isolate electromagnetic wave. It is mainly used in computer peripherals, computer monitors and transformer manufacturers.

The diameter of the inner diameter is 51mm and 76mm (paper tube or rubber tube). The product color has natural color (silver), blue, gold to choose from. Pink and other colors can be produced according to customer's requirement. The width can be as narrow as 4mm. This specification can be produced in rolls or large axes.

General purpose:

Interference shielding for multi-conductor wires, such as electronic wires, signal lines, or local network cables.

Basic structure:

It is mainly composed of thin film and metal, usually aluminum or copper foil.

Features and advantages:

1. Nearly 100 percent shielding effect (compared to wire weaving).

2. Reduce costs and improve production efficiency, which is in line with economic benefits.

3. It is convenient and convenient to use for wire wraps.

4. Can match customers' requirements to provide different colors and cut different specifications.


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