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How about the bonding property of steel plastic composite belt?
Jun 05, 2018

When measuring the performance of steel plastic composite belt, it will involve such an important parameter, which is its bonding property. The bond performance is often analyzed by the index of peel strength. Normally, if the bond performance of the steel composite belt is not qualified, it is likely to mean that its water resistance is poor.

Secondly, it is necessary to judge the adhesion properties between A and B by the thermal sealing strength of the steel plastic composite belt. In fact, this parameter will directly affect the "sealing" of the composite belt and longitudinal package. In addition, the so-called shear strength index can be used to measure the performance of the shear strength after the composite belt.

This is because this index can be directly reflected in the production of fiber optic cable, the steel plastic composite belt heat sealing joints can bear the performance of external forces. Of course, in different products, the difference of this indicator is quite obvious. Therefore, it is suggested that in the process of purchasing, these parameters can also be used to analyze and consider.

Generally speaking, the quality of bonding property of steel plastic composite belt is mainly related to three factors, namely: 1. 2. The compound process level of the manufacturer; 3. The quality of the metal base band itself. In other words, if you want to get a good adhesive performance, you should not only pay attention to the quality of raw materials, but also strictly control the production process level.

The above analysis is mainly for the analysis of the main related indexes of the bond performance of the steel plastic composite belt, and the main factors that affect its bond performance. I hope that after knowing these things, I can help you with your future work.


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