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How is the production quality of steel plastic composite belt guaranteed
Jul 05, 2018

We know that the high quality steel plastic composite belt is not only excellent in performance, but also has the characteristics of flat, smooth, no knife mark, and no lotus leaf edge. At present, in the production of steel plastic composite belt this product, the main use is the flow coating complex legal and hot - paste. So how is the product quality guaranteed?

In practical application, the high quality steel and plastic composite belt can ensure the safety and convenience when connecting. And because of the smooth, so with the molds produced in the small, solved the problem of the broken belt. In addition, in the production operation, we can provide different specifications according to the customer's actual needs.

Generally, the thickness of the steel composite belt is about 025 mm, and the width is determined by the customer's requirement. The length is about 2050 to 3,300 meters. When the top posts method is used, the open volume adopts double station, and has the function of automatic exit after power failure.

This is because when we manufacture and process steel composite belt products, the equipment used is not only reasonable in design, but also reliable in performance, simple in operation and high in temperature control. And it's easy to cut and roll very neatly.

In fact, during the actual production of the tension control of compound machine production line, such as rolling tension winding tension, tension, and rolling such as tension control for steel-plastic composite membrane with the quality of the influence is very big, especially more obvious influence on product quality of the winding.

Therefore, it is necessary to ensure the coordination and synchronization of all the tension of the equipment. The set line tension must be within the range of the non-reversible deformation of the raw material. In this way, we can improve the roll quality of the steel composite belt as much as possible.


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