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How to ensure the protective properties of steel-plastic composite tape?
Jan 10, 2018

From the main composition of the steel-plastic composite structure to analyze the fact that the product is mainly composed of steel single-sided or double-sided composite of ethylene acrylic acid copolymer. From the appearance of points, including natural color and green. As the core of the copolymer and steel-plastic composite tapes have good bonding properties, they provide a reliable moisture barrier, shield and chemical barrier to the core.


Not only that, when bonded, the base band of the steel-plastic composite tape will be able to form a firm bond with low density, linear low density, medium density, high density polyethylene and halogen free polyolefin sheath resins, A more comprehensive and comprehensive protection layer. We should know that the optical fiber cable as the main transmission carrier of optical fiber communication, long-term operation of the optical cable reliability and operational life for the reliability of the communication network is of great significance.


However, in some practical applications, since the steel-plastic composite tape may be in a water vapor environment for a long time in some special occasions, its moisture resistance will be one of the important indexes for evaluating the optical cable quality. In order to achieve this goal, then in the process of processing, mainly from two aspects to be strengthened, one is to strengthen the quality control of composite tape surface coating, and the other is to enhance the quality of longitudinal forming.


Normally, the R-die can be formed with an upward radian on both sides after the composite strip is stitched, so that the strip naturally bends and provides sufficient curvature to enter the preform . After the preforming mold to round the vertical package of steel, and then through the overlap mode can make the steel lap smooth.http://www.copolymercoatedaluminumtape.com/

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