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How to identify the baseband type of the steel-plastic composite belt?
Nov 20, 2017

Because the use performance of the steel-plastic composite belt is related to the chosen baseband type, users also need to consider the baseband type when selective purchasing. At present, the baseband of the steel-plastic composite belt includes three types, including chrome-plating steel strip, tin-plating steel strip and black iron sheet. So, how can we distinguish the kind of baseband?

In order to verify accurately, we need to use the spectrometer, coating thickness analyzer, scanning electron microscope and other professional instruments for verification. But some manufacturers may not have these instruments. Combined with the work experience for many years, we can use this method to carry on the verification. Its concrete steps are: 1. First, select a length of about 200 mm steel-plastic composite belt. 2. Then use an alcohol burner or a lighter to burn the plastic film on the composite strip for observation.

Under normal conditions, if it is the chrome-plating steel-plastic composite belt, then after burning the film, you can see the surface showing a slightly primrose yellow. And if the baseband is tin-plating, or no coating, after burning the surface of the film, it will see black or slightly dark blue.

From the actual application, if the baseband quality of the steel-plastic composite belt is different, it will have a very important influence on its mechanical properties and corrosion resistance. Therefore, it can be said that the selection of high-quality cable baseband is the basis for the production of high quality composite belt. If the selection of baseband quality is not ideal, then the product quality produced will be significantly different.

Even more serious, it can even lead to the increase of waste product and serious waste. Therefore, the material requirements of the high-quality steel-plastic composite belt is not only to have good bond performance with the metal baseband, but also to have good bonding performance with the sheath material.


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