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It is important to pay attention to these developments to expand the development prospect of copper and plastic composite belts
Jun 27, 2018

Say to extend copper plastic composite belt development prospects will be pay attention to the development status of copper plastic composite with the first development present situation, namely the low bid affect the benign development on the cable industry, because the downstream enterprises occupy the upstream of a lot of money. In the process of bidding and tendering, the downstream customers will adopt the low price, and the cable companies will use the low price to sell the goods for their survival, and the products will be used for non-standard products.

Copper plastic compound with strong industry downstream customer for large customers, so that is will take up a large number of cable enterprise funds, at this point, will is also affects the whole industry enterprise's normal operation.

Then, the development prospect of the copper and plastic composite belt is suitable for the current cable entry qualification and the overburden of its cable companies. In terms of wire and cable, actually is also will use a product of various industries, and in terms of various industries to the requirement of the cable performance, is not the same or will have focus, at this point, its net for cable products is also put forward the restrictions, not gain access qualifications can not access, this time is can lead to cable manufacturing company spends a large amount of manpower and the material resources and financial resources to cope with these various qualification accreditation.

Copper plastic composite with development prospects, in terms of general cable, also is needs to have the production license, should low voltage wire, that is, to pay attention to is to have 3 c compulsory certification, mine cable, that is, there will be a system of coal mine for safety certification, is indoor communication cable also there should be a service network access license.

Finally, copper plastic composite with development prospects, is refers to the copper composite plastic band application, in the middle of the cable TV is to also note must be have the department of broadcasting and television network access license, in terms of computer networks, also is to should be to use a LAN cable, there will be a network access license, copper plastic composite with development prospects, marketing costs, that is, to pay attention to on the product should be greatly increases.http://www.copolymercoatedaluminumtape.com/

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