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Main features and tensile strength of steel-plastic composite belt
Sep 28, 2018

Main features of steel-plastic composite belt

1. The tensile force of the steel-plastic composite belt is large: the main force component of the steel-plastic composite lacing belt is the high-strength galvanized iron wire in the lacing belt. The diameter and the number of the steel wire can be adjusted according to the actual needs of the project to change the tensile force of the ribbed belt. The production of lacing tapes with different tensile requirements is tested by the national statutory authority. Generally, the tensile strength of each rib is greater than 110Mpa-225Mpa.

2. The deformation of the steel-plastic composite belt is small: the high-strength steel wire of the steel-plastic composite belt ensures that the breaking elongation of the rib belt is ≤3%.

3. Long life of steel-plastic composite strip: The protective layer of steel-plastic composite strip is made of high-molecular-weight polyethylene material and a certain proportion of anti-aging agent, antioxidant and light-shielding agent are extruded at high temperature to ensure protection. The gripping force of the layer and the steel wire enables the protective layer and the steel wire to be co-stressed. The hot extrusion during the production process reduces the inter-molecular gap and ensures that the steel wire in the rib is not rusted.

4. Cost-saving province: Steel-plastic composite belt can save engineering cost by 10-50% compared with rigid and flexible lacing belt.

5. Convenient construction: steel-plastic composite belts do not need to be processed before use, and are easy to cut. When construction is not like rigid lacing belts need to be welded, anti-corrosion, laying labor, and avoid overlapping overlap, effectively shortening the construction period.http://www.copolymercoatedaluminumtape.com/

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