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Predicting the development prospect of copper-plastic composite tape
Mar 22, 2018

When it comes to the prospects for the development of copper-plastic composite tapes, we are actually paying attention to it. As a new metal material, copper-plastic composite tape has a very broad application prospect. Copper-plastic composite tape is widely used in aviation, aerospace and other military fields. With the continuous deepening of applications in the military field, related manufacturing and use technologies have become increasingly mature, which has led to great development in the application of copper-plastic composite tapes in the civilian field.


Therefore, the copper-plastic composite tape composite material can be applied to many aspects such as machinery and electronics, construction materials, culture, chemical industry, and medical care. In terms of such conforming materials, it itself is rapidly replacing traditional metal materials and becomes a structure. Excellent choice of timber.


The prospects for the development of copper-plastic composite tapes will be combined with the larger characteristics of copper-plastic composite tapes. Copper-plastic composite tape has excellent specific strength, 30% lighter than aluminum, 50% lighter than steel, but this strength is 7-9 times that of steel. It is precisely because of this that this copper-plastic composite belt is used in a large number of products with weight reduction requirements, and the product weight is greatly reduced on the basis of maintaining or exceeding the original strength, so that the product has greater market potential and competitiveness.


The copper-plastic composite tape also has relatively good corrosion resistance. The composite material used for the copper-plastic composite tape has a certain degree of inertness, and undergoes a series of high-temperature treatment during the production process, so that it has a stable microcrystalline structure. Therefore, we must pay attention to its own strong corrosion resistance.


With the development of science and technology, when the prospects for the development of copper-plastic composite tapes are judged, it is necessary to pay attention to the need for the industry to strengthen the connection and cooperation between the production enterprises and the upstream and downstream enterprises and scientific research units. Next, we must pay attention to the progress of advanced processing technology, promote the integration of R&D, production, and application to drive upstream development.http://www.copolymercoatedaluminumtape.com/

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