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Processing technology and main use of copolymer coated aluminum tape
Jan 22, 2018

First of all, Let’s make a brief introduction to the common processing technology of copolymer coated aluminum tape. In fact, this product is deep processing of aluminum product which is made of aluminum coil cutting. At present, the copolymer coated aluminum tape is one of the most important raw materials in industry production.


Because of different requirements under different conditions in practical application,  copolymer coated aluminum tape includes different types. There are some differences in alloying elements which can be divided into eight series. The more commonly used series are mainly 1000,3000,5000 and 8000 Series.


If based on the annealed state of copolymer coated aluminum tape, it can be divided into three types: full soft (o state), semi hard (H24), full hard (h18) type. At present, it is widely used in a wide range of soft series, because the O state is easier to stretch and bend.


When processing the copolymer coated aluminum tape, the main equipment is slitter, which is usually used to produce the required length and width according to the requirements. The raw materials used in this product include pure aluminum or aluminum alloy cast rolling aluminum roll, hot rolled aluminum roll and so on.


For now, copolymer coated aluminum tape has many uses, including used in cable, optical cable, transformer, heater, blinds and so on.http://www.copolymercoatedaluminumtape.com/

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