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Production cost and use requirements of copper-plastic composite tape
Nov 19, 2018

When the copper-plastic composite tape is used, the thickness of the copper foil is smaller than the thickness of the copper strip, so a plastic layer is needed to increase the strength, which is convenient for processing and can reduce the cost, and then the plastic layer is heated under heat. , blocking the gap, can play a waterproof role.

When used, the copper-plastic composite tape is mainly used for communication optical cable, communication cable, and the protective layer and the sheathing material are bonded together to form a comprehensive protective layer, which serves as a moisture barrier layer for protecting the cable core from moisture erosion. The composite belt has an armoring effect on the cable core at the same time, resists the external force, and provides mechanical protection for the communication optical cable and the communication cable to be laid in various applications to ensure the stability and reliability of the application.

The copper-plastic composite tape is coated on the outer surface of the communication cable or the optical cable, and the copper-plastic composite tape is sequentially provided with a copper layer, an adhesive layer and a polyester film layer. The new copper-plastic composite belt has an ultra-thin structure, which saves a lot of precious copper and reduces production costs. The product can replace the pure copper cable shielding tape to a certain extent.http://www.copolymercoatedaluminumtape.com/

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