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Prospect of copolymer coated copper tape
Oct 24, 2017

[summary] when it comes to the development prospect of copolymer coated copper tape, to some extent, it is also inseparable from the composite material.


Based on its development depth and breadth as well as the application of production scale, to some extent, Composite materials including copolymer coated copper tape has become one of the important role for a national science and technology advanced level.


Composite material such as copolymer coated copper tape, and the like series of materials, they will have a very broad space for development and huge market demand in large-scale urban construction and new energy utilization, and environmental protection projects.


Currently, the development of copolymer coated copper tape trends to intelligent direction, that is to say it is a developing direction of the materials with high technology in the material, structure and electronic integration.


Finally, the characteristics of copolymer coated copper tape with high strength and modulus (i.e. strength, modulus and density ratio), the weight of the same parts also will be smaller; also the higher modulus, the more rigid parts, has a big effect in practical application and development.


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