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Relationship between the development prospect of copper-plastic composite tape and its processing
Mar 17, 2018

In order to make a practical copper-plastic composite tape component, it is also necessary to perform secondary molding and cutting processing on the copper-plastic composite tape material at this time. Because the addition of reinforcements brings great difficulties to the secondary processing of composite materials, the reinforcement of the copper-plastic composite belt material has high hardness and wear resistance, and it is very difficult to cut and process the composite material.


Therefore, regarding the relationship between the development prospects and processing of copper-plastic composite tapes, attention should be paid to improving the cutting process. For fiber-reinforced aluminum matrix composites, the molding process is generally completed in the compounding process, and this time should be supplemented by a small amount of cutting and joining. member.


For short-fiber, whisker, and particle-reinforced copper-plastic composite tape materials, if the development prospect of the copper-plastic composite tape is just broad, it is necessary to use casting, plastic forming, welding, cutting, and other secondary processing to make practical copper. Plastic composite components. The casting forming methods used today are different in the way that the reinforcing material is mixed with the molten metal matrix. This is also referred to as stirring casting, and in this respect, it can be divided into liquid mechanical stirring. Method and semi-solid mechanical stirring method.


In order to expand the development prospects of copper-plastic composite tapes, we must pay attention to improvement because of poor wetting of reinforcing particles and substrates. At this time, we must pay attention to adding metal alloys such as Mg and Li to reduce the surface tension and improve the wettability. Pretreatment of the surface of the reinforcing particles removes contaminants on the surface and improves the wettability of the particles and the matrix.


When the copper-plastic composite tape is processed and cast to increase the viscosity of the metal melt and reduce the particle size of the reinforcing particles, the speed of the particles to float and sink decreases, so that the structure becomes uniform and the performance will be improved. There is a great improvement. The presence of reinforcements changes the temperature and concentration fields and the thermodynamic and kinetic processes of crystal growth. These methods obviously affect the performance of copper-plastic composite tapes, but also significantly determine the prospects for the development of copper-plastic composite tapes.http://www.copolymercoatedaluminumtape.com

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