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Requirements for the use of copolymer coated aluminium tape
Sep 06, 2017

In order to ensure that the use of aluminum tape meets the requirements, , it should be inspected at the end of production, the random inspection is needed in every two tons. Each batch of copolymer aluminum tape supplied shall provide material warranty or quality inspection report. In the random inspection process, the test items mainly include inspection of performance, thickness, if test items can not be inspected, reference or warranty shall be provided by manufacturers for customers’ acceptance. In addition, suitable packaging should be in accordance with specific standards . Normally, in order to ensure that  aluminum tape can not damaged, we need to use the appropriate size package when packing.

Generally speaking, the maximum size of the package used shall not exceed the length and width of 1150mm and the height of 800mm. About placement, usually in a eye to wall way, it can also stand in eye to sky. However, every coil should be separated with dry battens or foam material. If there are no slitting, you can either place it eye to sky or eye to wall.


Label should be affixed. it should also indicate relevant information, mainly including product mark, product trademark or production plant name and date of production. In case of delivery, each case shall be equipped with the corresponding packing list and indicate the information.

Finally, in order to avoid the performance is affected in the process of transportation, some measures should be taken to prevent it damped or mechanical damaged and other problems. And should be placed in a clean, dry and ventilated warehouse during storage.


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