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​ Requirements of copolymer coated aluminum tape for transportation and storage
Sep 18, 2017

Whether copolymer coated aluminum tape is fully used or not, whether the service life is up to the normal standard, It is closely related to the quality of the product itself and the rationality of the transportation and storage. In fact, for copolymer coated aluminum tape, the time of transportation and storage is occupied almost the most time of its life cycle.

Therefore, it can be said that the use of a copolymer coated aluminum tape can be guaranteed, to a great extent, depends on the quality of transportation and storage. That is to say, we must do our best to ensure the maintenance during transportation and storage. First of all, the material is generally wrapped around the cable tray for transportation, storage. Therefore, , it should be careful not to throw or throw, nor to throw it from high places in the course of transportation.


Especially when the temperature is relatively low, if throwing with hard strength, it will lead to fracture and insulation between sheath and copolymer coated aluminum tape. In addition, the corrosive substance should be avoided to store together in the storage process. Otherwise, it may also adversely affect the use of copolymer coated aluminum tape.

In addition, after copolymer coated aluminum tape is packaged and need to be hoisted, then no more plates can be hoisted at the same time. In addition, when vehicles or ships are needed to transport copolymer coated aluminum tape with it, then the appropriate methods should be used to prevent collision or tipping, because it may also cause the use of aluminum-plastic composite with decreased performance.

Finally, it is also needed to be checked carefully before the beginning of transportation, including the main contents of the examination are: the cable tray is intact and solid, aluminum tape with a sealed end. If there is an unusual problem, it needs to be handled before loading and transportation.

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